101 Time Management Techniques

How To Manage Your Time Like a Boss. Nowadays, you are busy with so many tasks and responsibilities that you don't know what to do and where to start in order to manage your time. If that's your case, you are not alone.
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Now, if you are a boss, you will feel doubly overwhelmed since you will have to balance your professional work responsibilities with those of your home. This is a concern for many people who are in managerial positions. But don’t worry, I’ll help you find solutions.

I will present you with more than a hundred options.

There are many time management techniques that will help in your work. Pay attention and choose the one or those that resonate with you the most. Here is a short summary of them:

1. Eat the Frog 

This technique got its name because it is a phrase said by famous writer Mark Twain. This technique consists of performing the tasks that are heavier first. Prioritize those that are most important in the workday.

2. Schedule Task Routines According to Energy

Create a schedule that is realistic for your energy routine. If you know that you will not be able to work productively and at the same time organize many meetings in a single day, do not do it. It is necessary that you plan well in your calendar how your workday will be.

Wake Up Early 

3. Wake Up Early

There is no secret to this technique. If you need more hours in your day, then the solution for this will be that you get up earlier. By doing this, you will see that you have more time to do things and you can even save time doing your exercise routines or get some fresh air in the park. So go ahead! Wanting is power, set your alarm earlier.

4. Daily Work Notebook

If you are interested in remembering what you talked about in certain meetings and how you have organized your time, there is nothing simpler and faster than having a diary of your time, that will help you realize what things you wasted time on, and that way, do not repeat it again. It is a technique that saves unnecessary hours put into certain tasks.

Clock Timer

5. Clock

Did you have or hear about competition clocks? Those watches can not only be used to time racing competitions. They can also serve to make you aware of the time you invest in each task. Simply put an estimate of time to carry out meetings and tasks and realize if you are investing more than you should.

6. Prepare a List

This technique is very simple, you just need to take a paper or write in your notepad of your computer and start numbering the things that you need to accomplish during your day or week. Once you have it done, start working on those tasks that are priorities. Once you finish your priority task continue with the next priority task and so on until you have completed your list.

7. Don’t Commit When You can’t

One of the ways to lose and waste time is when you try to do too many things and then you don’t know where to start. If you try to multitask, it may not be the best option for you, and you feel exhausted. There are tasks that are not productive, and you can use that time on other things. So, if you are in this situation, reflect about it and don’t commit to do something that you are not able to perform well.

8. Motivate Yourself

A way to work productively is to make yourself motivated. People are different, so this can work differently for each person. Some may need to breathe deeply before starting their journey. Others will need to put nice and relaxing music as a work background. Whatever serves as a push to start your day with a lot of energy to work is what you need to repeat. You will notice your productivity increases and your time is well managed.

9. Schedule Your Workday According to Similar Tasks

When you make your calendar, try to organize each day with a similar task. That is, if today you have scheduled to do spreadsheets, organize your schedule in such a way that all day you dedicate yourself to doing different spreadsheets. That way you won’t have to switch between different activities. Because switching from doing spreadsheets, then reports, then PowerPoint can be tiring, and then you just don’t feel like working anymore.

10. Save Time When You Need to Meet a Client for Launch

If you plan to meet a client at a restaurant to have lunch or simply a coffee in a café, do not just meet your client, eat, and then come back to the office. Look at your list of week tasks. If a place that you needed to go is nearby that restaurant take advantage, and then go there after the meeting. So, you will not need to come and go another time.

11. Establish Days Exclusively for Cleaning in Your Home

When you establish an exclusive cleaning day, you will not have to worry about the laundry or the organization of your house. For example, you will no longer have to be looking for what clothes to wear since you will always have something in your closet, and you will not have excuses to be late for your job office or go out to a work or friends meeting. Nor will you have to wash every day. You leave organized what you need for your whole week. That action saves you a lot of time in your schedule.

12. Organize the Space Environment of Your Work Area

If your desk is organized, you will surely want to work more. But if it is with mountains of papers, books, and other objects, the clutter will not make you take your work calmly. It has been proven that the environment is very important for a good performance. If you work at home, it’s the same. Try to have your work area clean and visually organized and you will notice that you work better without wasting time.

13. Make Decisions and Don’t Waste Your Time Thinking About Something

There are things in life that need quick decisions and can’t wait for a long answer. If that’s your case, reflect quickly and give an answer. That saves your time and the time of other people that depend on your answer.

14. Write Short Emails

When you need to coordinate with your team or respond to a client, be concise and punctual in your email. It’s not necessary to write long and boring emails. The point is to communicate, and if you can communicate something important in a short way, do it since people don’t like long emails. When you write short and concise, you are not only saving your time, but you are also saving the time of your client too.

15. Outsource Work that You Can’t Accomplish

If you need to do many things and one of your tasks is not possible to be done by yourself, the best solution is to outsource. Look for experts in the area that you are interested in and outsource the task. In that way, you will get results.

16. Delegate

Time is valuable. Realize that you won’t be able to accomplish everything just by yourself. The solution is to look for help. So, don’t be afraid to ask who can do a job that you don’t have time or energy for. You will see that work is done on time and the office work is balanced.

Teamcal Ai — Meeting Automation Platform

17. Software

Certain tasks that you do on a daily basis can be shortened if you use the help of software. That way you don’t have to worry too much. Schedule tasks that are repetitive or require you to type repeatedly with the help of good software. For example, use Teamcal Ai software for your meeting automation.

18. Plan in Advance

If there is something that you cannot do in order not to waste time, it is to be improvising. Plan everything you plan to do for the day or week in advance. Improvising would not be good for you. All it will do is waste your time. Since the things that require your attention might not receive the necessary time.

19. Don’t Multitask

Many people switch from one task to another throughout the day. In the end, they don’t spend the right amount of time on things that require attention because of the task they have to do, and finally, they have several unfinished tasks. Do not do that, it is preferable that you dedicate yourself to one thing and do it well than trying to do several and not doing them properly.

20. Recharge Energy

Once you finish doing a project, take a deep breath, and rest, even if it’s only for five minutes. They are minutes for you. Don’t talk, don’t see anyone, it’s just for your rest. Then, you continue with your next project and you will see that you have a lot of energy to continue with the rest of the day.

21. Try to Avoid Distractions

When you work, try to keep well away, which prevents you from finishing your work. Like, as an example, your social networks and your cell phone. By avoiding distractions, you will see that time cooperates with you.

22. Manage your Waiting Time

If for some reason you must wait for a meeting, in a restaurant or somewhere else for about ten to fifteen minutes, it is a good time to check your cell phone and see if there are emails or some issue to be resolved. Also, you can take advantage of the time to read about the news or something that you had postponed.

23. Pomodoro Technique

Using this technique, it means that you are going to work and concentrate for a period of 25 minutes on a task, then rest for about 15 minutes until at the end you take half an hour and go back to work. You repeat those short rest periods about four times. Those breaks will give you more energy to continue with your projects.

24. David Allen’s Management Time Technique for being Productive

According to David Allen, in order to be productive, you have to take five steps in managing your time. These steps are: Record everything that calls your attention in a collection tool, then clarify if it is actionable (if not, simply don’t continue or put on waiting), categorize your tasks or content, reflect or review them, and make action decisions (engage and work).

25. Elon’s Musk Technique

You must have heard many times that time is money and Elon Musk says this too. People say Elon divides his time into 5-minute blocks to perform tasks and even eat. Perhaps this measure sounds very extreme, and time passes quickly, but if you make a habit of it, you will learn to value time. If this technique is not to your liking, do not worry, we have other techniques that you can apply.

26. The Old Fashion Calendar Technique

Now, everything is digital. Your calendar is too, but if for some reason you have a paper calendar (obviously with the current date and year), use it. If our grandparents used the paper calendar, you can also use it. Write down those tasks that you need to do during the week. Getting organized and not improvising is the best thing you can do to be productive.

27. Ask and Respond Yourself: What is the Most Important Task to Do Today?

No one knows more about the things you must do than yourself. So, be honest and ask yourself, what is the most important thing to do in your day? If you answer that question, then start working on it and don’t waste time on what is not relevant.

28. Steven R. Covey, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Covey was an author, speaker, and businessman. He proposed seven habits for being effective. These habits create personal growth and improve working with others. They will help you to grow in many aspects of your life, and one of them for sure is the way you spend your time.

29. Do a Done List

This is the opposite of creating lists. Instead of just creating lists of all the things you need to do. Create a cross-list of things you already have done. You will feel amazed about all things you are capable to do, and the most important thing is when more you do, the most time you will have later to rest.

30. Silence, Please

If you work in an office, sometimes getting silence is not possible. But you can ask your co-workers to quiet down. Then, if you have your own office, try that it is not only comfortable but without noise. Now, if you work at home, put up a sign and let know your family members that you are working.

31. Fix Your Environment

Probably, it sounds strange to talk about having a nice chair and noise-proof window, but believe it or not, it may help you to work better and save time. You don’t get distracted, you feel comfortable, and you will not be thinking about repairs. So, if there are things that need to be fixed, fix them!

32. Stop Bad Habits

It sounds easy, but it is not. Of course, good things demand sacrifice and a lot of strength of will. Make a list of all the things that stop you from growing professionally or working better and commit yourself to stop them. Look at that list and compare yourself in three months. If you took it seriously, you will notice the changes in yourself.

33. No More Notifications, Please

You are in an important meeting suddenly, and your cellphone start sounding with all the notifications on your social media. That’s embarrassing. Do yourself a favor, don’t turn on notifications unless it is necessary, otherwise just cancel them. Don’t distract yourself and you will see that you have more time for important things.

34. Don’t Forget Your Password

Sometimes, we need to create accounts for a bank account, pay bills, and do many other things. We spend more than half-hour on it. Then, it arrives the time that we forget the password, or we get confused with it because we have other passwords. What to do? How to remember all that. You will waste your time trying to recover your accounts. This is simple, use a password manager and stop wasting time.

35. Listen

To listen is so powerful. Just listen attentively to what you need to do, and problems will not arrive. There is nothing worse than to repeat over and over things to people and then, they forget or do things incorrectly. If you don’t want to waste time repeating tasks, just pay attention, and listen carefully.

Get More Sleep

36. Sleep Enough Hours

This may sound obvious, but it’s never wrong to remember that everyone needs to rest. People who don’t sleep enough hours may become tired and then, they are not able to perform well in their jobs. As a consequence, they end up wasting their time in their offices since they can’t concentrate. So, if you want to be productive and manage your time correctly, sleep 6–8 hours.

37. Learn to Use Keyboard Shortcuts

The best way to shorten time is to know how to use your computer. If you don’t know how to correctly use your keyboard, you are wasting unnecessary time. There are a lot of videos on YouTube, as well as training classes on the Internet. Learning keywords shortcuts will benefit you and the people you work with since you will deliver your work on time or faster than you have before.

38. Sundays are Good for Check-ins Too with the Team

It is true that we need time and space for resting. Sometimes, we have important assignments to do on Mondays. If that is the case, exceptionally talk to your group team and explain to them that you will do a brief Sunday check-in. Try not to repeat it on all Sundays since your team will have other commitments, do it only when it is very necessary.

39. Check Your Health

If you want to work correctly and not waste time, you need to be in good health. So, take a time to check your health like your vision for reading on the computer and your health in general, to be able to work without difficulties.

40. Don’t Abuse Caffeine

Probably, you are the kind of person that loves to drink a coffee each morning, and you are not the only one. A cup of coffee can help wake you in the morning, but too many cups make some people become nervous. If you need to drink another beverage after your coffee, choose water. It will always help you during your day.

41. Avoid Alcohol

If you want to work 100%, be sober. Don’t drink during work hours and don’t drink much alcohol during your week. That will help you not be tired. If you drink too much it will not only damage your liver, but next day also you will feel too tired to work.

42. Meditation is Always Good

If you can dedicate 15 minutes to breathe and meditating during the day, you will find that your day becomes more productive. You will feel energized. Relaxing and meditating are good for your health, and your work.

43. A Short Nap

It makes sounds a little contradictory to take a nap when you have too many things to do during the day. But this is not so crazy. In some European countries, they appreciate the nap moment. Workers are allowed to do it since later they can work better. It is best for your company that your workers are awake and not sleeping since they will not pay attention to the work and that translates into a waste of time. So sometimes, naps are not bad at all.

44. Smile Always Smile

There is nothing more powerful and contagious on planet Earth than a smile. It opens doors and makes people around you happy too. But smiling has other attributes too. When you smile, you are sending good messages to your brain, so you become more alert and have more energy. In the end, you work better.

45. A Growth Mindset is a Good One

If you have dreams and ambitions, that’s good. There is nothing wrong with being a hard worker. If you can balance your personal life with your professional life, it is perfectly fine that you work hard to accomplish your dreams.

46. Review What You Did

Create the habit to review at least one day of the week what you did the past week or past month compared to the current one. You will notice what things need to be improved and you will try to fix or overcome them. Time is valuable, so see on time what needs to be fixed to not repeat the same problem.

47. Small Wins

Try to achieve small goals during your day or week and congratulate yourself for those small wins, they will be the motivation for you to continue working more and more.

48. Disconnect from People that Make you Waste Time

Sometimes, there are people that don’t bring out the best of us in any sense. If that’s your case, it’s better that you rethink your friendship and pick different friends.


49. Never Forget the S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Use Smart goals in your life. Those will help you to realize if certain tasks are manageable or not. Also, you can realize how much you improved or not after performing a job. This will help you to realize if you are wasting time.

50. Life is Full of Obstacles

Yes, life is not perfect. You always need to think that you could have an obstacle to achieving your goals or performing a task. So, just in case, always plan to have certain hours left in your calendar in case you need them for some emergency.

51. Your Desk is Your Everything

Try to maintain your desk clean and not crowded with many things. That small detail will give you the energy to continue working during your day. A visually clean desk motivates anyone to continue working.

52. Only Three Priorities

Try not to commit to things that require a lot of energy or hours of your day or that are not priorities. Only pick the three most important things you need to do in the day and start working on them.

53. Travel Some Time

Recharging energy is something that you always need to have present in your mind. If you are fine, you will always work efficiently. Program a great vacation with your family or yourself and when you return to your work, you will return with more desire to work.

54. Divide Long Projects into Small Parts

If you need to deliver a long project, the best way to finish it is to put due dates on different parts of the project. Divide it in a way that you can advance your work little by little. Also, it will help you to perform better.

Missed Deadlines?

55. Deadlines

When you hear the word “deadline,” probably you will not like it much. But it’s a way to track if you are close to achieving your objectives or you are falling behind on them. That will avoid procrastination and promote getting things done when expected.

56. A Visual Reminder is a Good One

One of the best ways to motivate yourself to continue working hard for achieving your goals is by having a visual reminder. You can have a photo of your loved ones near you or a photo of the place where you want to arrive when achieving your dreams. But if you don’t have a special photo, you can use an inspiring quote and put it on a frame near you as a way to motivate yourself.

57. Develop Your Skills

If you are good at doing something, there is nothing wrong with wanting to develop it even more. So, if you type fast or are good at reading, you can decide to educate yourself further with classes that make them even faster. These are good ways for you to end up working better.

58. Little by Little You Do More Things

If you just think about the results, but you don’t think about how to do things, you may end up stressed. First, start doing things little by little, and then, they will become a reality. Don’t pretend to get things done fast, everything in life takes time, so breathe, plan and start working on your plans.

59. A Mentor

You may think that you have already studied a lot and know a lot of things. But are you completely sure that you don’t need someone to guide you professionally? We all need someone to guide us professionally, if you are looking for suggestions on how to do your job better, it might be a good idea to look for a mentor. In the end, that will be beneficial for you since you will work better.

Reward Yourself

60. Learn to Reward Yourself When You Did Something Great

If you work on a difficult project or long project and get it done on time and with excellence why not reward yourself? And if possible, share that special time with your co-workers. It’s not ego, it just recognizing yourself for the hard work. That will serve as a motivation for doing more great work. For sure you will work with enthusiasm on your next project.

61. Perfection Doesn’t Exist

Are you the kind of person that wants to do everything perfectly? Just remember that perfection doesn’t exist, so always do your best but don’t be so critical with yourself and just continue working on the next project you need to.

62. If Progress is Slow, Move to the Next Task

If you are trying to complete something, writing and ideas don’t continue trying to concrete a project if it is getting slow and you have already wasted many hours. It might be a good idea to leave that until you can come back with new ideas. Instead, move on to the next priority task of your day.

63. Unsubscribe When it is Necessary

You subscribed to newsletters and promotions that you don’t use anymore, and your email is getting full of unsolicited information. You don’t need it and it’s taking up space in your email. Why keep them? Simply unsubscribe from them, so you will be able to see just the emails needed and there is less risk to lose important emails.

64. No More Distracting Apps

Does your phone send notifications every 5 minutes? Is it full of apps? You don’t need a bunch of apps distracting you all the time. To be honest, you don’t even check all of them all the time. Remove them and you will see that you have more time for work. And, if you don’t want to delete all of them, delete at least the ones that you don’t frequently use at all.

65. Be Concise in Your Meetings

Long meetings are not necessary in the business world unless it’s something that requires the participation and decision of many members. So, try to keep your meetings short and concise to save time for you, your co-workers, or your clients. The meetings need to be to educate, discuss, or make a decision, but in a short time, so in the meeting, you need to get to the point and not make it long.

66. Did You Hear About the Odd Number Meeting Times?

If you want set meetings with your co-workers, there is a secret to get their attention so they will not arrive so late. Instead of choosing the even number starting times, choose odd numbers. For example, don’t schedule your meeting for exactly 2:00 PM, schedule it for 2:03 PM.

67. Learn to Read Fast

One of the ways that can help yourself work faster is by improving the way you read. There are courses that can help you speed up the way you read, and this will help you finish your work in less time.

68. Respond to Friends’ Calls after Work

Distractions during work hours can be many. One of them is calls from friends at the least convenient times, such as during work hours. If that’s the case for you, talk to your friends and tell them that your work hours are not for chatting. Unless it’s something very important, ask them to call you after your business hours or on weekends.

69. Gratitude

Learn to be grateful. Gratitude is not only a way of expressing joy and acknowledging that another person has helped you in a difficult moment or someone acknowledging that you have done something well. It is also a way to have inner peace and harmony with yourself. A happy person with inner peace will also be a more productive person.

70. Communication Skills

When you delegate work to another person, you must be sure that person understood what you wanted to say. If that person is not clear about what she should do, she will not be able to carry out her work and in the end, this will be reflected in poor results or in starting over. So don’t think twice and make sure that when you delegated a task, you have not only given directions but asked the person if he or she has any doubts about it.

Time Management Techniques

71. Provide Time Management Training

One of the ways in which you can help your work team is through training. If you are skilled in a certain aspect of time management, you can also share that knowledge with your team by training them yourself. In this way, they will understand how to perform their work better as a team.

72. Schedule a Time with Your Team

You plan many meetings at work, but one of the ways in which you can help your team work better is by having casual and fun events outside of work. This is a way for your team to know each other better and reduce everyone’s stress level. It will facilitate friendships between coworkers and help everyone to work better together.

73. Books

One of the best gifts you can give yourself is reading a book. Choose those books that help you not only with the management of your team but also look for books that talk about time management.

74. Respect Your Meal Time

One of the big mistakes people do is to skip meals. They are so important and necessary for the body. If you will start skipping meals it is likely that you will start getting sick or feel tired. Your body needs to be in good health. If not, your brain and mind will not work. There is nothing worse you can do to your health than punishing yourself by skipping your meals.

75. Help Employees Solve Complex Issues

If you notice that your employees or co-workers are slow in delivering a project, ask the person why it’s taking longer or if there is something you can do to help. This will save time for everyone.

76. Reschedule on Time

When you notice that a job is getting longer and you notice that you will need to do many things to finish it, like extra research or readings. Don’t try to guess how to do it. Simply, reschedule on time the project and start by doing the things necessary for completing that project.

77. Remember the Eisenhower Matrix

Before starting to do a project, you should think about four possibilities that you must answer. These are: Is the job urgent and important? Is it important, but not urgent? Is it urgent, but not important? It is not urgent and it is not important? According to those answers, you will be able to determine if you should start a task as a priority or not.

78. Don’t Wait for the Last Minute

If you know that you have to complete a project for the day today or tomorrow, why are you watching movies or going to visit your friends? Responsibility comes first, so don’t wait until the last minute so you don’t have to work desperately to deliver on your project.

79. Don’t Skip Your Medications

A few lines above we told you how important it is not to miss meals. Likewise, it is important that you do not stop taking your medications. If you take any special medicine, then do it, it won’t take a minute and your workday will be better.

80. Ask for Feedback

Before you deliver a project, the best thing you can do is ask for feedback. If one of your co-workers can tell you his opinion, this will help you know what the weak points are and what you can do to improve your work before submitting it. A job that is not well done generally has to be redone and takes twice the estimated time.

81. Persistence

If anything is necessary to help you achieve what you are looking for, it is persistence. Not abandoning your goals will bear fruit sooner or later. Taking your time to perform tasks that you have been given at work is not wasting time, on the contrary, it is a way you can show that you like what you do. If you are persistent, you will be able to improve every day and there will even come a time when you finish doing things in less time than stipulated.

82. Balance Your Time Watching Television and Using Other Audiovisual Media

Unless your work is related to television or other audiovisual media, you have to balance your time spent between your work hours and watching television. Because it is very likely that you will be tempted to be there, not just ten minutes but more than half an hour or even an hour. So, turn it off and focus on getting your work done or set aside time for it outside of your work hours.

83. Work Concentrated During the Morning

The first hours of the day are essential to work without distractions and with energy. Have a good breakfast and get charged with energy, then start working very concentrated until your lunch hour arrives. You will see that you have advanced a lot of things during your work routine.

84. The First Minutes of the Morning

Do you need to organize yourself and don’t know how to start? Well, start in the early morning. It is right in the early hours of the morning where you can plan the rest of your day. It is there where you can plan your priorities.

85. Hire an Assistant

If you have a lot of work to do, it might be best to hire an assistant to help you with that. You may run a large company and have to answer calls and emails. Remember that you cannot do everything on your own. An assistant will help you do a better job.

86. Phone Numbers and Contact Information

If you are one of those people who saves your contact information only on your phone and you do not have a backup, this can be very problematic in the future since you can lose all your data in a single second if your cell phone is lost or stolen. Especially if you are going on a trip. For security, try to have the number of your contacts and other data saved in Excel or in another place, that way you will not have any problem if your cell phone is lost. You can take time trying to retrieve information and not be able to retrieve everything you need. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to contact an important client.

87. Double-Check Your Work

The best way to save yourself time from having to work twice is very simple. You have to double-check that your work is well done. If you don’t do that, chances are you’ll make some mistakes and end up redoing the job later. So, before you wait for that to happen, just sit back and carefully review what you did and check that everything is ok.

Practice Exercises

88. Practice Exercises

Surely you have heard several times the phrase, “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” And, this is very true. If you are able to take care of your body by exercising, you will be able to perform your daily tasks well too. In addition, being in good physical condition will help you carry out your work projects with more energy.

89. Order Delivery

Maybe you are too busy to cook every day, so there’s a solution, you can save time by ordering a delivery service. There are very healthy options, and they can deliver your food order to your office or home.

90. Put Your Commonly Use Items Near You

If you usually use some objects like a printer or scanner, a way to save you time, is to have them very near you. In your job office maybe, you can’t control where to locate them, but if you work at home, it will be good, if you put those items near your desk.

91. Back up Your Important Files

You have many files on your computer, and there’s always a chance to be hacked or your computer being damaged. To avoid losing important files and needing to redo work or research again information, simply save it to an external hard drive.

92. Don’t Have Physical Driver Back-up, so Use a Cloud Back-up

If you are in hurry or simply you would like to have a double-back up of important files, you have the option to use a cloud backup too. So, you will not have the need to buy a hard drive and keep it connected, just pay for a service.

93. Have Extra Office Items

It may be the case that you will need to print documents and you will not have ink or necessary papers to do that. The best way, to help yourself and not have problems is to have extra office supply materials. So, when the moment to use them arrive, you can use them and not need to go out to the store or until the next day to complete your task.

94. Music Background for Music Lovers

People that enjoy music, can listen to soft music in the background while working. If it helps you concentrate, then it is a good idea. You can try listening to different types of music to see which of them helps you to be more productive.

95. Virtual Receptionist

If you expect business calls after hours, you can buy a service to answer the phone for you and speak with clients. This is a way to save time you would spend answering the phone and avoid losing potential clients.

96. Benjamin Franklin’s Phrase: “If You Want Something Done Ask a Busy Person”

Once upon a time, Benjamin Franklin said the phrase “if you want something done ask a busy person.” But what did he mean by that? Busy people have too many things to do in a day that they become creative masters of managing their time. So, if you want to learn what they do to accomplish many things, ask them directly and learn their secrets.

97. Time Management Training Courses

In addition to reading books, there are some time management training courses that you can take and will help you to be more organized in relation to managing your time. If you see that you can take training courses or classes in person or online don’t hesitate to take them since they will be beneficial for you.

98. Coach Your Employee

We mentioned to you the importance of providing training or teaching your employees when you have skills that can help them. Also, we mentioned to you that you can ask your employee if there is something, you can do to help them. But, when you notice that your employee needs extra help, maybe you can coach him or her if the person allows it. Scheduling One-on-one meetings for guidance can make a great difference. The person will be able to work efficiently and do his or her work fast.

99. Write Down Your Topics for Your Meeting in an Agenda or Notepad to Not Improvise

If you have a meeting, don’t start improvising. If your meeting is in person, it is good that you have written in your agenda all the points that you will discuss with your employees or clients. And, if your meeting is online, you can make use of a notepad where you can write all the details too. The point is that you organize all the topics that you want to talk about in the meeting and not forget any important detail. Improvising only causes you to waste your time and not communicate all things that are needed.

Sticky Notes

100. Sticky Notes

Maybe, you prefer the old fashion way of writing your tasks on a sticky note and putting them in from your computer like a visual reminder? That’s valid too. Any tool that helps to remind you what to do in your day and helps you work better and manage your time efficiently is good. The good point is that it comes in many colors, so you can give a category of importance to your tasks written on them. For example, all your notes written on red sticky notes are the most important.

101. Walking Meetings

Did you hear about the walking meetings? If, not don’t worry. Yes, they exist. It’s a good way to exercise and have a meeting at the same time. If the conversation in your meeting is not to make a decision, just to brainstorm ideas or report something, you can be walking around your building and talking with your co-worker or employee. You are saving the time you needed for exercising.

Have Meetings on the Move
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