TEAMCAL AI App for Gmail

Introducing the Chrome Extension integration for Gmail

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Get Started with TEAMCAL AI Chrome Extension

All you need is your Gmail

  1. Get TEAMCAL AI chrome extension from Chrome Web Store
  2. Click add to chrome to add the extension
  3. Go to your extensions and enable TEAMCAL AI if it doesn't start automatically. Refresh your Gmail page
  4. First time user will receive an email with a free account of login information to TEAMCAL AI App. Follow the instructions in your email to finish account setup.
  5. You are all set. Enjoy 1-click meeting scheduling experience. Start a productive day with us!

TEAMCAL AI App in the Gmail Sidebar

Schedule meetings while on a Gmail

Your Gmail Work Buddy

Schedule meeting effortlessly right from your inbox

1-click Meeting Setup

Find available time for all email attendees

Block Time for Yourself

Need time to focus? Need time to relax? Block off the time

Add Member From Contacts

Search meeting members from you TEAMCAL AI contacts

Free Account for Everyone

Invite your customers, vendors, and partners to join

Unlock This Superpower With Us NOW!

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