5 Meeting Automation Platforms for Modern Managers

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September 23

For some people, morning coffee is what gives them the energy to keep their motivation up; for others, it's their morning meeting. Meetings are the foundation of a company because they bring people together to discuss, negotiate, and brainstorm possibilities for the future.
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Due to Covid’s lasting impact, remote work and online meetings are becoming trends in the working space that all of us find ourselves adapting to. Fortunately, in addition to slowing down the transmission of Covid-19, remote working allows people from different parts of the world to collaborate, saves time and money wasted on commuting, and gives everyone a chance to participate easily.

Meeting Automation Platforms (MAPs)

As so many meetings are being conducted online nowadays, meeting automation platforms have proliferated. Zoom and Google meet are the most common online meeting platforms that people choose to use, but the amount of time wasted on arranging and organizing meetings is time-consuming. According to the research, an online meeting automation platform can save people up to 6 hours per week on pre-meeting, in-meeting, and after-meeting tasks.

What do you need in MAPs? The answer will vary from person to person and company to company depending on the features and functions they are looking for. Here, we have organized five online meeting automation platforms that will help you to boost your productivity!

  Teamcal Ai helps you and your team set up meetings across orgs. and calendars in seconds

1. Teamcal Ai

Meetings are meant to bring people together to brainstorm and develop creative ideas. With the Pandemic everyone is remote and companies are using more vendors and contractors who use their own calendars. Bringing all of them together in a single platform is quite a feat in itself. This is where Teamcal.Ai comes in! Teamcal.Ai is a new meeting automation platform that helps companies save time by reducing the amount of time wasted on scheduling meetings across organizations. The best part of Teamcal.Ai is that you can create a private team with people outside the company with different calendars and different time zones. This feature allows everyone to be included in the meeting at an optimal and convenient schedule. Teamcal.Ai’s customized meeting links allow users to effortlessly share availability details, and also help the manager manage meeting links for his entire team and get insights!

What separates Teamcal Ai from other Meeting Automation platforms is, it is made ground up for distributed teams and it helps set up meetings across organizations. Teamcal Ai is meant for Modern Managers.

Chili Piper: An Automated Scheduling App for Inbound Lead Conversion

2. ChiliPiper

Chili Piper is one of the best and most beloved MAPs for Sales Teams. It is easy to set up and syncs effortlessly to Google Calendar, Salesforce, Gmail, and Webex, allowing its users to book a meeting with a single click on the website. Clients are able to click on links and select an available time that works the best for them, or even have an instant phone call right after finishing the form. The coolest part of Chili Piper is that you can insert the Chili Piper booking feature directly into your emails, which makes scheduling meetings so much easier. It will even send out automatic reminders before meetings to help you keep track of meeting details. You will also, of course, be able to spot your meetings easily on your calendar of choice!

Chili Piper is focused on Sales Team.

Clockwise: A Smart Calendar Assistant that frees up your time so you can focus on what matters

3. Clockwise

Multiple meetings a day can have a heavy impact on people’s productivity. Many people find it troublesome to properly use the fragmented time between meetings and have problems tracking their productivity due to their chaotic meeting schedule. Clockwise offers a solution that provides the employees and employers with more time to focus on themselves. Its autopilot and focus time allows people to achieve the desired amount of focus time and goals by auto-rescheduling unimportant meetings, thus saving them from time fragmentation. Imagine having three hours of uninterrupted time for you to really focus!. Clockwise also syncs up your Slack information, which allows you to see an overview of all your work tasks on Slack!

JiffleNow — Easy and intuitive meeting booking platform

4. Jifflenow

Jifflenow’s meeting automation platform allows employers to track and analyze meetings with their unique dashboards. The dashboards allow the employers to see the numbers and types of meetings with different kinds of attendees and topics discussed. It allows employers to understand the types of meetings that are most crucial to boosting growth. Moreover, JIfflenow will automatically send out a post-meeting survey reminder at the end of meetings. This helps the company save time that would otherwise be spent on sending a thank you note or feedback form to track and collect information. Jifflenow also helps with meeting productivity by having built-in features that give its attendees a chance to take notes straight from the APP during the meetings.

Calendly — Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software

5. Calendly

It is many people’s dream to have a personal assistant to manage all those unimportant and repetitive work tasks. Now, it is possible to have your AI personal assistant with Calendly’s help! It helps you and your clients automatically schedule the meetings more easily, and lets you set buffer times to avoid last-minute meetings. Money and payments are always tough topics to bring up during business meetings, but not anymore, thanks to Calendly’s help. Calendly connects with Paypal and Stripe to enable your clients to submit payments as soon as possible. 

Calendly is focused on recruiters.  

Each of these MAPs would make great additions to your office’s software suite. Which one are you most excited to use to boost your productivity and increase your company’s annual growth?

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