A non-linear work model

The nine-to-five work grind is all set to become ancient history as companies constantly evolve and learn to adapt to the new non-linear work approach.
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The Future of Work is powered by Gig economy and Meeting automation. Amongst many other firms, the Australian branch of financial services company, Deloitte has recently introduced a new ‘flex’ policy that allows the employees to design their own work hours and ditch the nine-to-five work-week for good.

Unlike the mainstream work grind being followed for the last few decades, the generation today is drifting towards a more holistic work-life balance. Several studies even show that the majority of the employees view a healthy work-life balance as crucial to their success and ability to thrive in a corporate setup. Let’s talk about a few such established figures in leadership roles who have exceptional qualities of time management and their secrets to the success of a work-life balance.

“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.” -Warren Buffett

An American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, Warren Buffett is currently the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. One of the world’s richest men, Warren Buffett is believed to be wealthy because he trades in stocks and business with potential. But does the story end here? Is this the only reason why he is looked up to? No. Not many may know but Warren Buffett is also an excellent time trader. He understands the value of time, thus he creates more for himself by shedding the unnecessary and the irrelevant. He firmly believes that anything can be bought today except for time and hence it is the most precious resource we have. It is important to decline unimportant tasks and prioritize accordingly. He himself being such a busy manager still removes some spare time to play the ukulele.

Similarly, even Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin group as well as David Solomon, CEO of Goldman Sachs understand the importance of prioritizing and leisure. Leisure should not be looked at as whiling away time but instead about finding the time to do things that you care about.

Richard Branson plays tennis in his free time

A creative outlet can help boost recovery from work and fatigue. Several studies also show that people who spend more time on creative pursuits tend to show higher levels of ingenuity when it comes to solving work-related tasks. We have live examples of this philosophy; Richard Branson wakes up each morning to work out and also makes time to play tennis (and he definitely is pretty damn good at it). As admired as he is as a C-suite executive, David Solomon is a side DJ who goes by the name of DJ-Sol on the weekends. Interesting right?

Angela Merkel bakes in her free time

Angela Merkel, the first female German Chancellor and currently considered the most powerful woman globally, is an inspiration. Where would Europe be without her in a leadership role? She understands the importance of biding time, a break, and cleverly makes procrastination an art form. Along with being an excellent crisis manager, she is also a talented cook (her plum cake is one to cherish).

Now, why are we talking about these people and what they do in their spare time? Is it even relevant to us? Most definitely, yes. It is time that we challenge the traditional norm of a nine-to-five workweek. It is time we implement a non-linear workday strategy based on collaboration and inclusion of different time zones employees work in since remote work demands it. Organizations need to take steps to introduce a hybrid labor model that allows employees to achieve a healthy balance between their ‘life’ and the ‘work’.

Teamcal Ai is a web-based solution for teams to manage time efficiently. With its latest launch, it helps you timebox your calendar with goals (allot a certain amount of time to a certain goal), have collaborative meetings with team members across the globe and so much more. Timeboxing allows you to mark assigned and uncompleted tasks into a certain tab and be accountable for their completion.

Teamcal Ai allows you allot Focus Time for your goals

Teamcal Ai specifically helps you discuss and create a goal and subsequently assign weight percentage to it, add alerts, override ability, and also a weekly progress report. Teamcal Ai’s advanced tech also helps calculate the time difference for the different team members and presents you with the best option to schedule a meeting. Pretty cool, I must say!

These features help you make time for collaboration while you also have some quiet time to get other things done. Let your business thrive and bureaucracy does not threaten to overwhelm you and your employees.

Align your Calendar with your goals using Teamcal ai

Let Teamcal Ai manage your calendar for you to maximize productivity and reduce burnout by providing you spare time for your dreams and aspirations. Learn more about Teamcal Ai.

So, what are you going to do with all your free time?

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