Meeting Automation in the Digital Age

Under the impact of Covid 19, humans are moving to a whole new era of Meeting Management. Modern managers need more efficient ways of managing their daily meetings across organizations and calendars.
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No surprise, then, that Meeting Automation Platforms(MAPs) have become a necessity. MAPs help with everything, from pre-meeting planning and logistical understanding to in-meeting monitoring and post-meeting follow-ups and analysis. These crucial capabilities cut down on wasted time and wasted human capital, maximizing the efficient use of resources, and improving user time management.

Human capital is one of the most important assets for any company, but it has been constantly underused due to ineffective micro-management. According to research, 40% of workers have the same experience of wasting most of their daily schedule in meetings with either their clients, supervisors, or employees. In addition, workers who are attending meetings have to spend an average of at least 9 minutes before each meeting — and that’s not just once a day. The amount of combined time and effort that workers put into meeting prep adds up to a significant amount of human capital gone to waste. By using MAPs, companies can put that capital to use.

MAPs allow computers to calculate user availability across organizations, time zone differences, and calendars, making cooperation and collaboration easy. They can also automatically start meeting lifecycles for every meeting set, meaning that only minimal time needs to be spent on repetitive tasks like designing invitations, modifying meeting links, and creating meeting reminders. MAPs allow companies to increase their customer base by having more demo requests from clients. It connects clients to real-human support and adds meetings to the companies’ schedules automatically. This reduces the unsuccessful dropping rate by 80%. Using MAPs, well-prepared meeting materials and a clear targeted audience on the pre-planning stage is the key to effective meetings.

Having efficient meetings is a great way to start using resources efficiently. According to the Harvard Business Review, over 71% of meetings are unproductive. This reveals resources are not being given to the right audience for the best outcome. On top of that, meeting minutes are often spread across documents and spreadsheets belonging to multiple employees. Productivity and efficiency cannot be tracked because of messy resource arrangements and delayed updates, which decreases a company’s growth rate. This is why MAPs are the best tool for meetings: because AI can do the job of categorizing the meeting attendants, then give the most relevant and useful information. Besides that, AI is able to replace all those unsystematized data-recording and spreadsheets into organized logistics. Through having clear resources, employees are able to process the information quickly and jump on their projects. Based on that, productivity will be able to increase at a faster speed. Managers can track the efficiency with one clear look and arrange the resources into the right place.

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At this time of money generation, time management is even more crucial. Post-meeting follow-ups and data analysis can occupy most of a manager’s day, which can lead to an overwhelmed schedule. There is no denying that solid follow-ups and data analysis are some of the keys to achievements and that we can’t rely solely on our memories to complete them. Managers should spend more time inspiring, managing, and leading their team, instead of doing technical tasks. By using MAPs, managers can send follow-ups easily and not worry about missing out on replies to emails. Having MAPs lets managers manage their time better, creating impacts within their companies and markets.

While many companies are currently developing the MAPs, there’s one in particular that stands out:Teamcal.Ai! Here at Teamcal.Ai, we proudly present the best MAPs experience on the market. Our custom meeting links can be used repeatedly for the same types of meetings. Name the meeting, fill in the details in the agenda, design your unique meeting ID, pick the meeting platform of your choice, and the meeting link is ready to go! Clients can schedule the meetings with you with one easy click. Now, the clients’ demo requests are on your calendar. Moreover, our organization meeting groups features allow you to schedule the entire time at once with timezone conversion on the side. To build the perfect pre-meeting materials, Teamcal.Ai sends invitations, reminders, and materials needed for the meeting to both inviter and attendants. All of this minimizes the waste of human capital and keeps you on track.

Teamcal.Ai helps you create a set of meetings that you can pre-schedule

Teamcal.Ai believes that maximizing a companies’ resources is the best way to succeed. Therefore, we have different categories of meeting types that help you plan for different target audiences. Having the right resources for the right audience is going to see production growth. Also, our in-development meeting monitoring features can replace your over-complicated and unorganized meeting data with clear, structured logistics incorporating dates, meeting titles, and attendants. You can search for detailed meeting minutes through the keyword features.

At Teamcal.Ai, we provide the best user experience for our clients.


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