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Are you one of those people who are busy almost all day, and you need to get organized? Perhaps in your company, you have frequent meetings with your boss and colleagues, or you are managing a group of people. If you are a busy Team Manager, the never-ending difficulties of coordinating meetings with your team or your clients will be a thing of the past. Thanks to AI, the solution is within reach.
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What is a Meeting Automation Platform (MAP)?

Perhaps you have heard about MAP technology before. So, what exactly is a meeting automation platform (MAP)? In simple terms, a MAP is a SaaS platform that will help you organize yourself in all your activities because it will be able to track your schedule with the days you have available. Now, it is not only used to be able to schedule your appointments. You can also manage meetings by department or for your entire organization. In that way, coordination with your team will be so much easier than before.

1. The Beginning

With MAP, you will quickly forget about all your old ways of trying to schedule meetings.

For example, let’s say that as a Team Manager you must discuss the monthly sales report with your group, and it is critical that certain members of the team are present at the meeting. Thanks to the invite link, guests can choose the time that best suits their availability. It is also possible that they will see a single event, or several scheduled events, and they will be able to decide whether to attend. The guests or the team do not need to call or write to the manager because the dates, times, and topics to be discussed are clearly mentioned.

Your team members will receive push notifications once they have selected the schedule.

As a busy Team Manager, you will have the ability to see all your scheduled events in the meeting automation platform.

Imagine that you use different types of calendars, or your team members use different calendars, this will not be a problem because the meeting automation platform (MAP) can sync with other calendars like Google Calendar or Outlook.

2. The Event Day

Days before the event takes place, you will receive reminders to be on time. On the event or meeting day, the managers can get a good idea of ​​the people who will attend and those who declined the invitation.

The meeting automation platform (MAP) makes your life easier because it saves you from having to send group emails. If a meeting changes to a new location or the hour needs to be rescheduled, your guests will be notified.

3. After the Event or Meeting

The good thing about using a meeting automation platform (MAP) is that you will be able to review a report where attributes of the meeting such as the number of people present, which department they come from, or the topic discussed, are analyzed.

The MAP is beneficial not only for the company but also for the managers who will be able to increase their productivity. Meetings are conducted in a convenient and organized manner which ultimately translates to better work, sales, and increased ROI.

What is TeamCalendar.ai?

TeamCalendar.ai or simply “Teamcal.ai” is a meeting automation platform that was created to help entrepreneurs and business owners do a better job in their meetings. If you are one of those business owners who work remotely and have employees in different time zones, this is ideal for you.

And, when compared to other meeting calendars, Teamcal.ai is an affordably priced and top-quality product. You do not need to invest a lot to be able to start coordinating meetings successfully with your work team.

(Image: Founder and CEO, Valeria Klimona uses Teamcal.ai)

A Real Case Using Teamcal.ai

One of our clients is Valeria Klimona, the founder and CEO of an ESL company. She has clients from all over the world. She has clients from places like Ukraine, China, and Ecuador. She had a big problem setting up all her meetings due to the many time zones and schedules of her clients. But one day, she found Teamcal.ai and decided to give it a try. She said it was the best decision she has made for her business.

Valeria’s Corporation integrated Teamcal.ai, and immediately Valeria’s students knew her availability for scheduling meetings. All the scheduling and time zone conflicts were resolved. She said, I no longer have the need to add people manually to my schedule, Teamcal.ai increased my productivity by at least 20%. So, if you are managing a remote team that has more than 20 meetings per week, then you want TeamCalendar.ai.

What Are the Advantages of a Meeting Automation Platform?

The advantages of using a MAP in business are numerous. Team Managers will see the benefits from the first day. Some of them are:

• Ability to manage large numbers of meetings in your company.

• Leverage the cloud and scale up to thousands of meetings.

• Follow-up of the commitments made in the meetings.

• Increased team performance.

• Align with the marketing goals of the company.

• Reduce errors in scheduling meetings with the team.

• Less time spent scheduling meetings and more time being productive.

Meeting Automation Platform and Team Managers

There is no doubt that whatever helps to perform a task in the best way is what we should use.

Using a meeting automation platform (MAP) like Teamcal.ai, you can organize your meeting data with a clear structure. You can establish clear meeting titles, select a day, and give follow-ups to the attendees. It brings you the best user experience and journey.

Finally, managers don’t need to spend time on repetitive tasks like scheduling since there is a structure for invitations and the entire process will be automated to increase efficiency.


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