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Did you have bad experiences with calendars that promise you better results for managing your time? As a manager, you will always need a calendar that can help you to organize your daily job tasks, meetings, and events.
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Did you have bad experiences with calendars that promise you better results for managing your time? As a manager, you will always need a calendar that can help you to organize your daily job tasks, meetings, and events.

Technology has advanced to facilitate people’s work. It’s for that reason that AI is used more and more in many areas of daily life and work. The tool that will make your company overcome past organizational time problems and achieve efficiency is called Teamcal.ai. This automation platform allows you to sync your calendar and help automate pre-meeting, in-meeting, and post-meeting activities.

If you are new to using TeamCalendar.ai, or you just heard about it, don’t stress, you made the best choice. It is very easy to use. As a manager or member of a team, you will not need to follow complicated steps to achieve your goals.

One of the reasons our users recommend our calendar is the user experience. You will find this automation platform quickly becomes your favorite from the first moment you try it. When you start the set-up process, you will quickly figure out how to use it. It’s easy to navigate and has the information necessary to be able to work efficiently and manage your time.

Teamcal Ai brings users from different Timezone together
Fixing the Timezone Problem with Teamcal Ai

Setting Up

1. The first step to entering Team Calendar is to create an account with basic information like your email, name, job title, and password. Once you fill in that information, you will be redirected to complete your city.

2. You complete the city where you live and click to save it.

3. Then, you set your hours of availability during the day or the week so people know when they can reach you.

4. You will need to sync your Google or Outlook calendar with TeamCalendar.ai in order that the automation platform knows the open spaces of available time from your calendar.

5. Then, you will need to set your goals for the day or the week and allocate a percentage to each of them. And, you have the option to add color to your goal to distinguish it from another goal that you would like to accomplish. The allocation of percentage in a goal is to find out if you were able to accomplish it in the time you expected. In some cases, it will take longer, in others less time than what you expected.

6. You will need to establish your team and meeting reason in case you decide to have conversations with your group. Also, there is a big selection of providers available. You can select Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, Google Hangout, BlueJeans, Appear. in, or another option as the provider. Then, in your meeting message, you will be able to complete the subject, the location of the meeting, and you will have space for a text to inform participants what the meeting is about. You can allow the default public URL or not.

7. The preference of the display could be set to 24 hours or show the weekend

Once you have followed those procedures, you will be able to track calendar events, availability of people’s time, and find out if you have reached your goals.

One time settings for Teamcal Ai
One Time Settings and You are Done — Teamcal Ai


1. If you are unsure about this platform, you are welcome to give it a try. You can schedule a demo and we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

2. If you have decided to give it try, signup for our Waitlist, you can start with the base plan which is designed for a team size of 5 to 10 people.

3. Then, if you change your mind and want to go to a bigger plan, it can be updated according to your needs.


As a tool for scheduling meetings, it is very easy to install and follow the steps. In the same way, you can downgrade to a lower plan or cancel it altogether.

A busy schedule is no longer a reason not to get organized or know when the best moment is to have a one-on-one meeting with somebody or your entire team.

The best part is the price. Considering other calendar tools, our plans and pricing are very affordable. We have three kinds of plans: Pro, Business, and Enterprise. Each one of them offers a variety of features.


There really are no cons. We are relatively new in the market, but we are careful to offer you the best service. For the moment, the service is only available in the English language. So, if you live in another country and would like it translated to your language, this is not currently available. But this is something that can change in the future.

Since you must sync TeamCalendar.ai to your Google or Outlook calendar, you will need to share some basic information. We are respectful and ethical in reference to the data shared with us.


You can send your questions to hi@teamcalendar.ai. Also, you can review our FAQs page with common questions or schedule a demo.


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