Teamcal Ai App for Zoom is Here!

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Raj Lal

March 8

Zoom is where everyone meets. Teamcal Ai is where everyone's calendar meet. Teamcal Ai brings available time for everyone to Zoom, so you can schedule lightning-fast meetings while you are on a Zoom call.
image of Teamcal Ai App for Zoom is Here!

Super excited for the launch of the Teamcal Ai App for Zoom! Your Super Power is here. Here is a quick video.
Info https://teamcal.ai/zoomapp, at Zoom Marketplace https://lnkd.in/gVKjFttZ

Schedule Follow-up Meetings! How many times do you have to go back-n-forth from Zoom to Calendar, to find the time of all the meeting attendees and schedule a follow-up meeting? With Teamcal Ai you can easily view your meetings in the sidebar while on a zoom call and schedule a follow-up then and there. No need to go through the cumbersome process of opening the Calendar, adding attendees, finding a time, and adding meeting subjects and details. With Teamcal Ai, one click and you are done.

Schedule Meetings with your Teams. If you are part of a Team at Teamcal Ai, you can easily access your Team's availability for Meetings from the App and schedule meetings in a few clicks. If you have a Pro or Business account at Teamcal Ai, you can create a team, for cross-functional teams inside the company, as well as Team with Externals, for teams with members outside the company.

Schedule a Meeting with Externals. With Teamcal Ai you can also schedule meetings with people outside your calendar right in Zoom. Just invite your partner for a free account of Teamcal Ai using the add button "+" at the bottom of the Team Calendar page. Once they sign up for Teamcal Ai, you both can see the available time for each other and schedule meetings seamlessly.

Block a Time in Your Calendar. You can also find your own available time and block a "new meeting" for yourself quickly while on a call. This helps you to block time for action for your current meeting.

Zoom members can use Teamcal Ai for FREE.

If you want a Team account signup at Teamcal Ai. The plan starts at $20/month/user.

Cannot be more proud of my team who has been working last 8 months on this integration Walter Mendoza Wladyslaw Pylypczuk Youssef Hammoud Benjamin Ndruzi Karla Lizethe Hernández Ademas Muhammad Danisworo Kazuki Yuyama and also my advisors Samir AgarwalTapio Tolvanen and Yossi Feinberg

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