TeamcalAi vs Chili Piper

What sets the two scheduling tools apart?
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Calendars and schedules are an important and necessary part of any business and both TeamcalAi and Chili Piper offer services in that department. The following article will highlight some key differences between the two and will detail what exactly sets the two apart.


The amount of scheduling software available to use today is abundant with companies such as Calendly, Chili Piper, TimeTrade, and of course TeamcalAi all aiming to solve similar issues. Today, we will focus on how TeamcalAi compares to Chili Piper in various facets such as user base, features, and integration with other tools, as well as pricing but first a brief summary on TeamcalAi…

What exactly is TeamcalAi?

TeamcalAi is an enterprise-focused Calendar solution that allows teams to set meetings with members across the world at a moment’s notice. By allowing users to set their availability throughout the day as well as integrate other calendars such as Google and Outlook, TeamcalAi provides an AI-powered one-stop shop to finding the best meeting time for everyone.

TeamcalAi vs Chili Piper: Userbase

One of the functional differences between TeamcalAi and Chili Piper are the user bases that best suit each one.

TeamcalAi is focused on the scheduling problems faced by enterprises as a whole.

  • TeamcalAi works best not as an individual user but as someone part of a team and even more so a part of a larger company
  • TeamcalAi focuses on the integration of various part of a company together and tackles the issue of making that process as seamless as possible

On the other hand, Chili Piper focuses on sales and revenue teams looking to close deals.

  • Chili Piper allows for a sales rep to reach out and schedule mass meetings with potential leads in a fast, easy, and seamless way
  • Chili Piper is best used by those who may need recurring meetings at a specific time
  • Allows for leads to be vetted and qualified as they join in order to minimize wasted time

TeamcalAi vs Chili Piper: Features

Both TeamcalAi and Chili Piper have unique features in their calendar software that allow them to take advantage of different aspects of a business.


  • Integration with both Google and Outlook calendars for a seamless transition
  • Allows for the fast arrangement of Private Group meetings with those outside the company
  • Integration with both Zoom and Salesforce is in the works which allow for an even greater overall meeting system
  • Allows for the setting up and viewing of monthly, weekly, and daily goals for both yourself and other team members as well as automatically alerting when goals are reached
  • Provides analytics and data on past meetings and weekly progress reports on goals and the amount of time spent on them
  • Productivity Ring and Time Boxing features allow for better work management on prioritized tasks

Chili Piper

  • Current integration and support for CRM through Salesforce as well as Concierge
  • Handoff scheduling
  • Allows for the viewing of no-shows to a specific meeting
  • Meeting buffers, reminders, and private meeting support
  • Similar integration with Google and Outlook calendars

TeamCal vs Chili Piper: Pricing

Pricing plays a huge role when deciding between two similar solutions. And while both TeamcalAi and Chili Piper employ a robust set of features that aim to serve different aspects of a business with TeamcalAi focusing on the overall enterprise team while Chili Piper is best used by a Sales Team, the pricing of each product reflects the intended user base.

TeamcalAi offers 2 unique plans in the current model:

  • A $19.99/month/user business option for those in teams consisting of 5–100 people that is geared toward small/medium businesses that aim to increase efficiency in the workplace
  • The last option that TeamcalAi offers is an enterprise plan costing $34.99/month/user with team support of those with 100+ members

Chili Piper currently offers 3 plans each with both a monthly and annual price as well as a per-user fee. Chili Piper’s pricing is based on both a platform as well as a base user fee. The platform fees will be discussed below while the user fee is set at $30/month/user and $45/month/user depending on whether or not you purchase a whole year at once or pay month to month.

  • The first option known as the “Spicy” plan costs $150/month with the annual plan and $225/month with no annual commitment and allows up to 100 max leads and does not support live phone and video call routing.
  • The next option known as the “Hot” plan costs $400/month and $600/month respectively and includes support for up to 1000 max leads as well as live phone and video calls.
  • The final and most expensive option is known as “Inferno” and costs $1000/month and $1500/month and has no limit on the max amount of leads and includes all features present with the “Hot” plan as well

Chili Piper also offers 3 plans for individual sales reps with a free tier with limited features and both a “Spicy” plan at $22.50 and a “Hot” plan at $37.50 with an increased number of features as you go up. These individual plans lack some support and integration features as an offset for their reduced price.


Both TeamcalAi and Chili Piper are robust modern-day Calendar solutions with aims at increasing productivity in aspects of work culture. While having the same overall goal, TeamcalAi, and Chili Piper take different approaches and focuses with TeamcalAi being an overarching enterprise solution and Chili Piper focusing on sales teams and inbound leads. Both companies support integration with other popular calendars and tools and have their own strengths and weaknesses. After reading this article, I hope to have provided some clarity on the key differences between the two products and made your decision on which to go with, much easier!

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