The Booming Gig Economy

As technology continues to develop at a lightning pace, digital platforms are more powerful than ever before. The word Gig economy, people can temporarily work for companies in their spare time, is born. “Full-time is out, and the Gig is in.”
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These changes mean that time management and calendar play even more important roles in our lives. Also, as more and more successful people are promoting the idea of various income resources, people are seeking opportunities to work in different fields as their second job. The calendar becomes one of the necessities that people cannot live without. Consultants, freelancers, and contractors are especially heavily dependent on it. Setting up meetings across these Gig workers across TimeZones and Calendars has become more challenging.

In 2023, the projected gross volume of the gig economy is expected to reach 455.2 billion U.S. dollars. The gig economy is commonly defined as digital platforms that allow freelancers to connect with potential clients for short-term jobs, contracted work, or asset-sharing.

Gig Economy Statistics — financesonline.com

The same is true even for those who work for big companies. Staff, colleagues, and clients all over the world, which make scheduling meetings a challenging task. There are various applications available on the market, but the sheer number of them, and the fact that each company has its own preferred platforms, makes it difficult to manage. This results in data and time are chaotic and hard to keep track of. External experts need to constantly switch from one platform to another since preferences are always changing. In addition, platforms are always coming up with new features while intended to be helpful for the customers. At the same time, it often creates headaches for the external experts, who have to spend lots of time getting to know the new features for every single new platform. The amount of time spent decreases the effectiveness and efficiency of their work.

Take, for example, Andy. He is a well-known consultant who works in an extremely competitive field. His daily schedule is always changing due to clients’ needs and preferences. His calendars aren’t able to keep track of all the tasks and new adding meetings. In addition, the majority of Andy’s clients are using different outlook and google calendars and are located in timezones other than his own, so he is constantly concerned about the possibility of a mistake. Andy isn’t alone. Christina is a manager who has numerous daily meetings with her team, her supervisor, and potential clients. She has been complaining to me about not being able to have the best time management and is frustrated that scheduling meetings since scheduling meetings take all of her time. Andy and Christina are not alone in feeling this way, the majority of the working population has been feeling this way. Consultants, managers, and contractors spend lots of their time with clients emailing and texting back and forth to check everyone’s availability, discuss the frequencies of the meetings, and the time differences between their countries.

Gig Economy allows you to work, when you want, where you want

Imagine if they could instead and contractors spending more valuable, like coming up with innovative ideas, knocking items off their to-do lists.

Teamcal.Ai has got you covered! We enable teams with members across the different calendars and time zones. This allows users to schedule their meetings easily, with a single click. Users can set their available time and see when others are free, which makes scheduling meetings effortless than ever. In addition, our calendar sync options help you prevent overlapping meetings and doubled tasks.

Teamcal Ai support heterogeneous team with members using any calendar

At teamcalendar.ai, we even create custom meeting links that let clients control their link operation. Furthermore, our member community allows members to communicate with each other easily and keep track of one another’s schedules. Managers can monitor the entire usage by adding and removing employees with one click. Our focus goals and timebox help clients keep track of their data and work. The clients can use these features to add reminders to the calendar without displaying them and saving valuable space. This feature can be exported to calendars on other platforms, too.

You can add gig workers across different calendars and make a team for 1 click meetings

Learn more at Teamcal Ai and see how we can help you get going with the Gig Economy.


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