The Modern Manager’s Manifesto

The ancient greek philosopher, Theophrastus, agrees with us when we say that time is the most valuable thing a man can spend. Today we live in the internet-driven era, constantly caught up without any time to spare.
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Whereas on the contrary, the ultimate promise of technology was that we’d be able to reclaim our time. Did that happen? Where did we go wrong?

We tend to consider the internet and email as a boon, a massive productivity channel. However, a set of interesting studies show that email, in general, tends to make people feel “cognitively overloaded”. Managers across the globe also believe that a team of five that sets up eight meetings a week on average loses a full week in a month scheduling meeting alone!

Now, this is the bad news, but do you want to hear the good news? The team of Teamcal Ai knows a thing or two about automation. There are many things humans are better off at than machines, but clearly scheduling meetings isn’t one of them. That is why we say, Time Management is dead — Long live Time Intelligence! Time Intelligence is required to do away with the pain associated with scheduling meetings. We must be able to offload more mundane tasks upon machines to benefit.

This e-book clearly guides us through the concept of Time Intelligence that was born out of the fear of remote teams in this pandemic-driven age.

One of the hallmarks of our future is believed to be time. Now how do we achieve this? We let AI take over, automate everything you can and slay the time-sucking vampires.

Becoming a Time Lord has never been this simple before. We come across statistics and data in this e-book that clearly state that we need to optimize and habitual our remote teams by reducing time spend doing unnecessary activities and increasing our efficiency.

As we all see the changing nature of work with the rising gig economy and remote teams being at the forefront of work, managers need to constantly evolve and keep up.

Enriched team management, automated meeting scheduling, and meeting analysis are the need of the hour.

We need to become smarter, not just while working but also while taking breaks. A study estimated that the U.S. alone incurs approximately $411 billion each year due to lost productivity due to poor sleep. Humans are not machines. We must take time to think and reflect. We must learn to balance our work along with ample moments for contemplation and relaxation. So, let’s learn to be as tight-fisted with our time as we are with our money. Let’s optimize and utilize our time well.

Download Manager’s Guide to Time Intelligence

Teamcal Ai realizes that the future of work is Automation and Ai thus and they are here to lead the way. So, if you are a manager keen on improving your team’s performance and getting rid of the drudgery of yesterday, this e-book is surely a great tool for you.

And if you wish to explore more about us? Be sure to check us out on https://teamcal.ai

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